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 Postal Address P.O. BOX 1266
 Tel no  086 139 3725
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 Manufacture & Fit Artificial Eyes
 Owner Pedro Carvalho
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 Beryl Carvalho and the Ocularists at Eyes Alive manufacture custom-designed, individually crafted and hand painted ocular prosthetics as well as supplying and fitting a range of stock ocular prosthetics, or artificial eyes.

An ocularist is an eye care professional who specializes in the fabrication and fitting of ocular prosthesis for people who have lost an eye or eyes due to trauma or illness. The fabrication process for a custom made eye typically includes taking an impression of the eye socket, shaping a plastic shell or model, painting the iris and sclera and then fitting the ocular prosthesis.

In addition to creating the prosthetic eye, the ocularist shows the patient how to care for and handle the prosthesis. The ocularist also provides long-term care for the patient through periodic examinations and professional care of the prosthetic eye.

Members of the Ocularists Association of South Africa
Affiliate members of the Optometric Association of South Africa

Fitting and manufacturing of all types of ocular prosthetics.
Custom-made & stock artificial eyes. Hand-painted iris and veining.
Attention to detail is our motto.
Movement, shape, sizing and comfort done at first stage.
All types of patients seen: Coralline Hydroxiapatite implants, enucleation and evisceration, scleral shell (Haptic lens) over blinded eye.
Working in line with international standards, we accept that each stage of curing is a lengthy process, and so the manufacture of an eye is normally completed in four or five appointments.
Assessment consultation free, leaving you free to decide who the best Ocularist is for you before making a commitment.
All work guaranteed.

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