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Business Details
Business Details
 Street Address 4 QUAYSIDE OFF PARK
 Postal Address P.O. BOX 3441
 Tel no  +27 (0)44 382 0550
 Fax no  +27 (44) 382 0552
 Cel no  080 043 4948
Primary Business
Secondary Services
 Supplier of Insurance cover to the:
 Civil Construction industry
 Support Tania Cronje
Trading Hours
 Monday - Thursday 08:00 - 17:00
 Friday 08:00 - 17:00
 Saturday Not open
 Sunday / Public Not open
 Our Objectives

To ensure that CivilSure remains at the forefront of the Civil and Building insurance sectors.

Many positive changes continue to take place daily, however the basic philosophy of running the business conservatively has remained the same. This has resulted in the consistent growth and success of the business based on the following objectives the CivilSure team has set forth:

We are focused on the insurance needs of a segmented market only such as Civil Companies, Builders, Transporters of quarry products and Concrete suppliers

The goal is to become a One Stop Shop to our segmented market which includes Contractors All Risk, financial, Plant All Risk, Guarantees, etc.

The correct selection of brokers and clients is critical to our success.

We must add value to all our insurance products - loss of use, third party recoveries, driver accident plan, etc.

Our price, products and services must be reliable, accurate and appropriate, without adding any administrative burden to our clients.

We must constantly update our software and hardware with a view of being at the forefront of all new technological developments.

We must always be looking at new and better ways of running our administrative system which results in reduced insurance costs, flexibility in adapting service to our clients' changing needs and ultimately greater client satisfaction.

Our Claims records must be accurate, documented and used in all our underwriting to select the balance between premium and excess.

We must remain passionate about our business and understanding the needs of our clients and our broker network at all times.

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