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 Low cost housing
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 PanelCast Building System
 Low cost easy to erect panel connected building sy
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The product is a patented building system using high strength, highly durable concrete panels which are bolted together. These light weight panels (managed by 2 men) can be positioned without the use of mechanical lifting equipment.

The system, further, has been tested in many different aspects by SABS and has been awarded the Mantag Certificate (1989/M16) by the Agrément Board of South Africa. The system has been extensively used in the Western Cape as creches, day car centres, classrooms, school halls, clinics and spaza shops.

The Panelcast building system consists of prestressed, precast, concrete moulded panels which are bolted together to form the walls of the buildings. The panels are placed in prestressed foundation plinth beams. A cavity construction is created by cladding walls internally with gypsum board. This serves to conceal the plumbing and electrical installations and achieves the necessary insulation. Wooden windows and doors are added where required. The external finish can be low cost stipple and paint or, if preferred, more expensive acrylic finishes can be added. All finishes create a pleasing homogenous effect. The roof may be flat or constructed of timeber trusses, and any conventional roofing material can be used.

The site to be built on is cleared and levelled and the ground firmed to take the precast paving pads used to level the plinth beams. Once the plinth beams (pic 1) have been positioned, the panels are placed in the channel (pic2) of the plinth and bolted together. The roof trusses/rafters are then positioned and the roofing sheeting fixed (Pic3). A concrete surface bed os cast over the whole floor area and under the plinth beams. The ceiling and internal cladding are then fixed (Pic 4). The outside walls are then covered with stipple plaster and painted. Please note finsihes internal and external is totally optional. For more information please call 086 110 0202.

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