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 Street Address 67 VICTORIA ROAD
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 Tel no  +27 (0)21 852 8189
 Fax no  086 615 0904
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 Supplier of PCs
 UMPCs, mainboards
 Manager Gerrit Smit
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 Monday - Thursday 09? - 17?
 Friday 09? - 17?
 Sunday / Public 
 Welcome to MiniCube Technologies

Welcome to the exciting world of MiniCube Technologies where size and imagination knows no boundaries! It has long been a dream of many to create a fully functioning computer the fraction of the size and cost of modern day computers. MiniCube will aim to break this barrier by continuously providing international products and services to the local and African market.

We are a highly service driven company, with a passion for IT and customer service and will do our best to find any product you may need to fulfil your technology dreams! Enjoy browsing through our site and please give us your feedback, input or any interesting facts you may have about the world of MiniCuWelcome to MiniCube Technologies

Since we've seen more news on small laptops, Internet Tablets and other exciting mobile devices lately, now might be a good time for a level set; especially for our newer readers. UMPCs, or Ultra Mobile Personal Computers, have generally been small Intel or VIA powered Windows machines with touch capabilities. That's not an all encompassing definition by any means, but it suffices to get you started. Some will rightfully call the Nokia Internet Tablets (the 770, N800 and new N810) a UMPC as well because it is ultra mobile, fitting in your pocket, and it is a personal computer, just not in the Microsoft Windows sense since it runs a form of Linux.

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