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Business Details
Business Details
 Street Address 682 GODFREY STREET
 Postal Address P.O. BOX 1
 Tel no  071 602 3067
 Fax no  
 Cel no  071 602 3067
 Contact ANDRE
Primary Business
Secondary Services
 Heavy duty detergent
 Owner Andre
Trading Hours
 Monday - Thursday 
 Sunday / Public 
 Eco7 is a heavy duty detergent. Although the initial intent, at the formulation of this product, was out of a total multipurpose viewpoint, antibacterial, antiseptically, detergent and solvent, the product established itself as a high power industrial degreaser, cleaner, fat remover, oil remover and solvent for oil, grease and other soils from all surfaces. Eco7 is SABS tested, highly concentrated, non-flammable, environmental friendly, non-toxic and contains no acids. It cleans any washable surface and may be used on painted surfaces, floors, machinery, precision parts and many other areas including tiles and carpets. Eco7 contains no petroleum products and can be safely used in areas of high risk. This powerful cleaner penetrates grime for effective cleaning of almost any surface. PROPERTIES - Complies with most modern environmental requirements. 100 percent fireproof, does not etch glass, highly concentrated, bio-degradable, no harmful fumes, safe on rubber, metal, concrete and glass, no harsh odours, leaves clean surface without oily film. Effective on plant, animal, human fat or petroleum based dirt deposits. Spray directly on surface using brushes, sprayers or high pressure equipment. Some surfaces clean easier while still hot, such as grills. After application wipe with cloth, wash off with water or scrape clean. Eco7 is proud to produce the worlds most Effective Environmentally Friendly High Powered Industrial Cleaner It is a versatile, safe to use, non-flammable and ammonia free, heavy duty cleaner. The absence of ammonia in the product makes use pleasant. Bio degradable, safe on plastics and rubber, removes oil, dust, carbon, grease and dirt. Recommendations: Heavy duty cleaning: 1:1 parts water Medium duty cleaning: 1:3 parts water Pressure Washing: 1:10 parts water

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