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 Hi, my name is Deon Strydom.

Welcome to Equal Opportunity Website.

Please bare with me while I give you a short tour of the purpose of this website. Like you, I was looking for opportunities to make some extra money every month. I searched high and low on the internet, newspapers and magazines. To tell you the truth, I did find a couple of good Internet marketing opportunities, but the money outlay to get started was way above what I could afford, but as you know, most of these get rich over night schemes never happens.

That's when I was introduced to this fantastic income opportunity by a friend. I was immediately amazed by this system. This was the first system that I was introduced to, that gave you something back for your monthly contributions.

Please visit and click on the link in the left-hand menu bar called "Do you need more info?" complete this form and send. I hope that you will feel about this system, the same way I felt when I received the information that day. If not, read it again. Your second time will clear up any previous questions you had in your mind.

You will see the potential of what is offered in return. Not only was I amazed by the price, but what is offered for your monthly subscription is called "THE LONG TERM WEALTH"


Like the famous words says " what you sew today, you will reap tomorrow" is the honest truth. I will let you decide for yourself. Just a small reminder, your decision you make today, will determine your future tomorrow.

NB: If you decide to join, you can just complete the application form that will be sent to you. Everything will be clearly explained how to join. Then wait for your IRM# and contact me. I will help you to start your own business as fast as I humanly can.

Remember !, by helping you getting started, I'm helping myself. Remember to do the same with your down-line. ( the people under you.)

Oh yes!, almost forgot. You don't need to have internet to promote your business. This company has been promoting this product since July 2001 without using the internet. It will how-ever make live much easier if you had the option to have internet access, but not necessarily needed.

May God Bless and enrich your success in the future.

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