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 Howzit fellow Fliers.

I learnt to fly when I was 9, when I was wider than I was tall, in the
wild west town of Randfontein where the men are men and so are the women.
Hahaha its all good. Saturday afternoons were filled with Sun and the
smell of Castor oil in the air. Nothing quite like it!

I went from phase to phase, flying scale, pattern, old timers, fast and
furious and lastly but not least: Heli's

Some may say I've got over to the dark side of flying but there's nothing
to beat the sound of a heli beating the air into submission as it whips
through the air in some logic defying stunt.

For me the hobby is about fun not about how big or how expensive your
plane is. I see so many newcomers into the hobby arrive at their field
with a plane or heli that, although lovely, is completely unsuitable for them to learn to fly on. Hey, Spitfires and Airwolves are great. BUT not
in the beginning. Often the newbie ends up being so frustrated by his
purchase that he abandons the hobby altogether. This is not what I'm
about. I'm here to make a newcomers sojourn into the hobby as fun and
rewarding as possible. Even the crashes can be fun

So I decided to open a Hobby shop were the focus is on fun and supplying a
decent quality product at a decent price. along with the advice and after
sales service to go with it.

So feel free to come along to Durban Deep Radio Flyers(More like Durban
Deep Hooligan Flyers) on a Saturday afternoon and come chat to us or just
watch planes hover vertically down the runway (you can do anything with
Enough Nitro)

Happy Flying


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