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Business Details
 Street Address 41 BERKLEY ROAD
 Postal Address P.O. BOX 747
 Tel no  +27 (0)21 510 0911
 Fax no  +27 (0)21 511 5632
 Cel no  +27 (0)83 310 1428
 Contact KEITH
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 Sandblasting of Glass
 Sandblasting of wood, metal, plastics
 Sandblast vinyl & signage
 Owner Keith
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 Monday - Thursday 08:00 - 17:00
 Friday 08:00 - 15:30
 Saturday Closed
 Sunday / Public Closed
 Quality and Service continue to be our Success


What is sandblasting?

Sandblasting is the process of erosion of a surface by shooting particles of an abrasive material at high speed using compressed air. These particles cause the surface to chip and thereby produce the frosted effect. By using a stencil to protect certain areas we can control the area blasted and thereby produce designs and logos.

Why Millroy Artysands?

Millroy Artysands was started in 1995 and quickly established itself as the company to contact for high quality and service at a realistic price. Our work is found all over the Western Cape and beyond in homes, businesses and places of worship. We are a small staff of highly motivated people who take great pride in our work and get incredible pleasure from seeing yet another totally satisfied client.

What does “on-site” & “off-site” mean?

We are able to bring our equipment to your home or business and do the work there. This means that if the glass is already installed it does not have to be removed. Off-site is where the blasting happens in our factory.

Is it a messy process?

Yes it can be! However we have been doing this for a long time now and our system minimises the impact that the dust will have on your life.

Can I choose my own design? Yes. We have thousands of designs available. You are not in any way limited to the designs found on this website. If you can't find something that grabs you ask to see some more. You can even provide your own design or company logo or our artist can draw it for you.

Do you only blast onto glass?

Not at all. Most of our work is done on glass for shower doors, sliding doors, mirrors and windows but architects and designers are starting to realise that stainless steel, wood, plastics and other materials can look stunning when blasted.

Why are there no prices on the website? This website is here for information only. Each job is different and will require a specific quotation. There are no charges for quotations or advice.

Why can't I get a good print of your designs?

This is done on purpose to protect the rights of the respective copyright holders. This website is NOT a design resource. A clear proof can be provided before any work is commenced.

What about fingerprint marks on the sandblasting?

Clearshield applied to the glass will protect the glass from dirty marks and a simple wipe with a soft damp cloth or one of the aftercare products available will make it as good as new. Clearshield also protects shower glass from limescale eating into the glass. We are proud to be authorised Clearshield applicators.

What about Sandblast Vinyl?

We are very active in the application of sandblast vinyl and it is often a viable alternative to genuine sandblasting. We will give you honest advice depending on your application.

Is Millroy cheap?

As the saying goes “you only get what you pay for”. We believe that our pricing is already very competitive and certainly good value. We offer preferential rates to the trade, schools, charities and places of worship. This does not mean that you should not ask for some assistance in the pricing. However if you want cheap you need to look elsewhere as we are not prepared to compromise on our Quality and Service just to save you a few rand.

What are the hidden charges?

With Millroy Artysands there are no surprises.

What payment terms do you offer?

None. Sorry but our terms are strictly COD on completion of the work.

What other services are offered?

Decorative Sandblasting ( glass, doors, showers, etc)

Functional Sandblasting ( stone, marble, brick etc)

Industrial Sandblasting ( paint & graffiti cleaning)


Invisible Art

Clearshield on sandblasted and clear glass


Sandblast Vinyl supplied and applied Digital printing

Quality and Service continue to be our Success.

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