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 THE OFFICE GROCER The Covid virus has made it glaringly clear that the need for online shopping is here to stay. Most Grocery stores have been found wanting and were all caught with their pants around their ankles by not being able to cope with the demand from the public during the lockdown period. This has led me to start thinking that here is an opportunity for someone who is able bodied to start a product loaded online shop to service an area within your immediate living surround. Since the inception of the Internet The Office Grocer was developed to offer the entrepreneur an opportunity to start a Supermarket without having to lay out money on an inventory or purchase expensive shop fittings. This Covid virus pandemic has started me thinking what happens when the lockdown period is over and people are able to go about normal life, maybe slightly altered, but able to go to work and start earning some money again. Will people go back to the normal routine of having to do the mundane shopping or will the route of least resistance make them more aware of how easy it can be to shop online and have it delivered to the front door. The Office Grocer is a virtual grocery product loaded shopping cart and is available to anybody who is looking for work and start a business. The idea is for you to gain orders for these products, go and buy them and deliver them. You will take a small commission from the products you buy and charge for the delivery. You can start small, work from the boot of your car or/and back seat and slowly grow to the position where you can afford to buy a delivery vehicle unless off course you have some capital stashed away you can use to purchase or already have such a vehicle. How does it work you ask? You will choose an area close to where you live and this should include an industrial area. You will now start visiting all the businesses in the area and make the office staff, especially the receptionist who, normally does the ordering for tea, coffee, sugar, etc, and make him/her aware of the service you offer by giving him/her the link to your shopping cart. The logistics of time required to procure products and when delivery will be done I will leave until later but the norm is all orders received say, before 10:00am will be delivered the same day - all orders received after 10:00 am will be delivered the next day. Ideal operation for man and wife team. Why will it work? You must remember that all office personnel cannot just take time off to go and buy groceries. So, your service is a God sent. Not only will you buy for the office staff but products required for the business itself can now be properly controlled instead of someone dipping into the petty cash box which is never reconcilable if you get my drift. You may also find that as you go start that - by word of mouth advertising - the word will get out to the elderly and the frail who cannot go out shop. I am sure there will be many in your immediate living surround. You may even consider doing a leaflet drop offering your services. Some supermarkets may even offer you a commission for shopping with them. It is there for you to negotiate. The Office Grocers opens up an whole new way for entrepreneurs to start a business within their immediate living area, addressing a need and at the same time creating wealth for themselves. The Office Grocer is backed by a team of Marketers and Software Developers who understand the Internet and the opportunities it offers to people who wish to start an online business for themselves but need the technology backup support to be competitive and successful. The Office Grocer may well be the path to your business success, who knows where it will end. I will be happy to discuss with you the area you wish to register for yourself. You will have two months free to give you time to advertise and make your services known to your area after which you will need to pay for the use of the shopping cart a small amount of R499 per month payable by debit order.

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