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 Specialist in automated pool covers
 Specialist in motorised pool saftey covers
 Owner Kit Solomon
 Owner Anthony Solomon
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 PCS covers - can be designed to blend in with the surroundings when retracted can be tailored to suit the wide variety of pool shapes and environs and are so easy to use that you will use them daily:
* as a safety barrier
* to prevent water evaporation
* to conserve chemical use
* and to keep out dust, leaves and insects so you save on work!
Whilst it is NOT recommended that covers are treated like this (Picture 1), it does dramatically demonstrate that our covers will prevent children, pets and even adults from accidentally falling in the water.

PCS covers are like a horizontal fence and are safer & more aesthetically pleasing than normal fencing

A touch-pad control option is available. This can prevent unsupervised children from operating the cover. Our PCS cover run through aluminum track retainer which are fastened directly to the side-walls or deck of a pool. These retainers hold the pool-cover tracks securely and tightly. Standing water or heavy objects on the cover will not cause the track to pull loose or damage the coping. Not even insects can get under the cover into the pool! WHY CHOOSE AN INFINITY 4000? FLOOD-PROOF MOTOR - The INFINITY 4000 features the world's first flood-proof drive motor which can run underwater in the event that the mechanism housing becomes flooded. FAIL SAFE - The INFINITY 4000 auto-stop system is encased in a water-tight enclosure and boasts a state-of-the-art, "anti-reversing" feature designed to prevent over-retraction or over-tension of the cover in the event that the control lever is inadvertently flipped in the wrong direction during activation of the cover, a common operator error. FEWER MOVING PARTS - The INFINITY 4000 has fewer moving parts and thus fewer maintenance requirements and adjustments. It is the least expensive system to maintain and the most user-friendly system available. MORE POWER - The INFINITY 4000 is the only system on the market that boast a 3/4 hp motor as standard equipment on every system. Other systems use 1/4 hp and 1/3 hp motors to drive their covers. DURABILITY - The INFINITY 4000 drive system utilizes larger drive gears than any other geared system on the market. In addition, the 303 stainless steel gears are machined to higher precision tolerances. SECURE MOUNTING - The INFINITY 4000 mechanism has vertically and horizontally adjustable mounting brackets to insure a vibration-free, perfect alignment and a custom fit for every installation and can be side or bottom-mounted for greater installation flexibility. WARRANTY PROTECTION - The INFINITY 4000 comes with a LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY on the mechanism and a SEVEN-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY on the company's premium fabric. CONTINUOUS COPING LIDS - The INFINITY 4000 system has an optional continuous coping lid that allows the coping stone (or brick) to completely surround the pool, including the end of the pool that houses the mechanism. LONGER-LASTING FABRICS - The INFINITY 4000 offers a choice of DURALIFE I, an imported, coated vinyl fabric that outlasts conventional pool cover fabric by many years. BETTER POOL BUILDERS - The INFINITY 4000 is marketed to a very elite group of dealers, selected for the exceptional quality of pools they build and the outstanding service they provide to their customers. Only the best pool builders are authorized to sell the INFINITY 4000! THE COMPANY - POOL COVER SPECIALISTS, INC. Several members of this "specialist team" have over thirty years of experience in the safety pool cover business. The team prides itself on its total commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and the "partnership" relationship it forms with the dealers who sell the pool safety products manufactured by POOL COVER SPECIALISTS, INC.

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