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 Preschoolwise is a project of Oliver's House Education Centre. Oliver's House is a charity organisation situated in Benoni, Gauteng. Over and above our education centre we are also involved in the care of pre-school children at The Nomthandazo Children's Care Centre, and we have two feeding programs in Benoni and Daveyton.

What is Preschoolwise?

Preschoolwise is a project that aims to network all learning institutions in South Africa thereby creating a definitive online registry accessible to all in this country. Through Preschoolwise we are able to highlight the plight of all disadvantaged schools in South Africa and through this medium advertise their needs to their local communities who can then assist them. Preschoolwise is also a powerful communications tool that can be used by the public, schools and departments of education alike to "talk" with each other. Preschoolwise also has educational links covering all subjects taught in South African schools and thus in itself becomes an educational aid.

Why Preschoolwise?

When we opened our education centre in June 2004 we found it very difficult to communicate with the local schools in our area - especially the disadvantaged ones. We also discovered that although the school's intentions are honourable they don't always have the wherewithal to be as effective as the general public expects them to be. This obviously has an impact on the learners in these schools. Our education centre has received strong support from the surrounding communities and as a result we decided that we were in a position to provide the necessary "communications bridge" between the public and school sectors. We all know how important education is to the future success of our country and if we are able to bring the schooling system of South Africa into everyone's "home" we then have created a powerful medium through which to improve educational services in South Africa.

Funding Preschoolwise

Schoolwise is a totally free service that we offer to every school and member of Society in South Africa. Any school who registers a Schoolwise website will not pay any fees. The idea is that the more schools who register a Schoolwise website the more effective the project will be. Funding the project, which includes the cost of development, hosting and bandwidth will be carried by Oliver's House. At Oliver's House we have a fund raising department whose purpose it is to raise the necessary funds to make sure that this project remains viable. Funding is raised through:

1 Corporate sponsorship

2 General public support in the form of private donations

3 Advertising on the Oliver's House and the Schoolwise school websites

4 Donations from schools that can afford it

What can you do to helpThere are many ways the public and schools could help us:

1 If you know of any disadvantaged schools in your area why not sponsor their website and you can advertise your company or school on their site - this advertising income goes to the disadvantaged school and not to Oliver's House.

2 You could advertise on the main Preschoolwise website and this income will go to Oliver's House to keep this project on the go

3 Regularly visit the Chat Forum on Schoolwise to see if there are any disadvantaged schools in your area needing financial or material assistance.

4 The more affluent schools can help those disadvantaged schools in their area by constantly keeping abreast of the chat forum for their area.

5 Any financial or material donation that can be given to Oliver's House so that this project can expand to reach every community in our country.

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