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Business Details
 Street Address 23 NORTH RAND ROAD
 Postal Address P.O. BOX 26793
 Tel no  +27 (0)11 918 3658
 Fax no  086 631 9867
 Cel no  +27 (0)82 339 6634
Primary Business
Secondary Services
 Motor Repair
 Servicing, Dyno Tuning
 Owner Johan Maritz
Trading Hours
 Monday - Thursday 07:30 - 17:00
 Friday 07:30 - 17:00
 Saturday 07:30 - 13:00
 Sunday / Public 
 Dynamic service centre, is a professional Mechanical Workshop. We specialize in all makes of Cars & LDVs (both petrol and diesel). At the core of our business is a motivated team of professionals technical and administrative staff. We are registered and approved RMi members , as well registered with all insurance companies.

We have been trading for the past 21 years, and are still in business today because we put you- our customer - first. We use only Quality and guaranteed parts , and our prices are very competitive.
Our services include:
1) Specializing in all makes of vehicles, service and maintenance
2) Providing spares to both Trade and Public
3) Conversions on most makes of vehicles
4) Rebuilding 5) Modifications
6) Turbo Conversions
7) Exhaust Modifications
8) Refurbishing
9) Engine Overhauls
10 Clutch Overhauls
11) Specialized Engineering and Welding Work.
12) Race car preparation
13) Tow-in service up to 2500 kg (double axle trailer)

Your Intercooler, what is it, and what does it do?
Intercooling is the process of cooling the air or air/fuel mixture somewhere between the turbo and the engine. Intercooling is sometimes referred to as after-cooling or charge-air cooling. When the air is compressed by the turbocharger the molecules are forced tighter together. This causes friction between the molecules. Friction creates a rise in temperature in the air or air/fuel mixture. In turn, when the temperature is decreased the pressure will decrease. The air is cooled by going through a heat exchanger also known as an intercooler. The intercooler looks like a smaller radiator or an A/C condencer, which is usually mounted in front of the radiator

This will allow a greater mass of air per minute to flow through the engine at a given intake manifold pressure. The load on the engine is reduced and a higher density charge is supplied. This will allow a greater amount of fuel to be burned producing an increase in horsepower, and everybody wants more horsepower don't they? A one degree decrease in intake manifold temperature will result in a one degree decrease in exhaust temperature. This will not only make it easier on the exhaust valves, but it reduces the heat rejection requirement of the engine. The cooling of the charge will lower the pressure, this will help to decrease the combustion chamber pressure and reduce the stress on the engine. All in all, an intercooler is one of the best improvements for a turbo engine, gas or diesel.

The method of cooling is by means of ambient air, ice water or engine coolant. Ambient air is the most common in automotive use. The temperature drop through the intercooler will vary according to the temperature of the cooling medium and the available flow rate of the cooling medium. The pressure of the charge will always drop as it goes through the intercooler, but the air should become more dense.

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