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Business Details
Business Details
 Street Address 507 SPUY STREET
 Postal Address P.O. BOX 30378
 Tel no  +27 (0)12 344 4601
 Fax no  +27 (0)12 344 4685
 Cel no  
Primary Business
Secondary Services
 Credit profile rehabilitation
 De-blacklisting & credit bureau
 Debt Consolidation through 1 & 2 bonds
 Owner Nadine Snyman
Trading Hours
 Monday - Thursday 08:00 - 16:30
 Friday 08:00 - 16:30
 Saturday Not open
 Sunday / Public Not open
 We create credit freedom for you!

When clients make contact with us for help it's generally at a time when they have applied for credit (for example to purchase a car, a house or to open an account), and have been informed that they are blacklisted and therefore do not quality for credit.

Clients are in a hurry to get their names cleared, but do not understand what the procedure for removing or updating their listings entails. Clients are left feeling frustrated, angry and desperate.

At Real Credit Solutions we understand these feelings and react to each client's case individually. We will consider the details of the situation at hand, and then inform the client of the way forward:

1. How long the process will take. This depends on what is listed against the client's name (e.g. the number of defaults and judgements).

2. How much the entire process for attaining credit worthiness will cost. This is determined by which resources need to be used (e.g. an Advocate may need to be appointed in certain cases).

3. What the process entails. Since each client's listings and outstanding debt is different, the procedural options for each case will vary (e.g. if the debt is over R100 000 then the case will have to go to high court).

Because Real Credit Solutions specializes in securing or upgrading the credit worthiness of an individual, we understand the need for expeditious service, and therefore employ an optimized process to ensure that our client's case is handled as swiftly as possible.

The time frame for each case however, depends on the level of cooperation achieved from all the parties involved (the client, those parties that have blacklisted our client, and in the case of judgements, the courts).

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