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 What makes SA Online unique is the fact that any shopkeeper can now, at a very low cost, publish products onto their own website from their own in-house computer using a SA Online supplied Product Detail Input Browser (PDIB). This feature cuts out the hassle of developing or/and maintaining such a database which, can be costly and normally not within the budget of the small to medium business owner.

SA Online will supply every client, who has a need to publish stock details or pricelists, with a software program called the Product Detail Input Browser (PDIB) which will enable the client to add, delete and edit stock details at will from their own computer at Home or Office.

It is not a requirement (but recommended) to host your website at SA Online.

SA Online will supply a link to any website through which products/price details can be filtered from the SAOnline central database. Although the product details will be hosted on the SAOnline server it will appear to be hosted by the original Service Provider and will by connected via hyperlink supplied by SAOnline.

For further information complete the request form below and we will be happy to guide you through the process of having a virtual shop online.

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