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Business Details
Business Details
 Street Address GEMSBOK STREET
 Postal Address P.O. BOX 43014
 Tel no  0861 112 312
 Fax no  086 509 3948
 Cel no  083 385 2855
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Secondary Services
 Bathroom renovations
 Building alterations & renovations
 Plumbing installation experts, septic tank
 Owner Cobus Smith
 Sales Estelle
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 Monday - Thursday 08:00 - 17:00
 Friday 08:00 - 17:00
 Saturday 08:00 - 16:00
 Sunday / Public Not Open
 Bathroom Renovations - Designer Bathrooms

There are few things as pleasing as walking into a stylish and well designed bathroom. Except for the pleasure you derive from spending time in it each day, it also increases the overall value of your home.

Bathroom renovations require careful thought and deliberation with your renovations team. Open communication and a clear view of what you want are of the utmost importance to us.

Thereafter you can leave the renovation to us to deliver your dream bathroom.


Registered Master Builders, NHBRC Affiliated & BEE registered

Registered Plumbing Installation Experts: SETA Qualified Plumbers

23 Years Experience in the Property Renovations Market

Free Quotations and Initial Floor Plan Designs

Why You Should Hire An Expert To Do Your Bathroom Renovation

So you stand in the doorway of your bathroom and you look at your shower, your bath, your toilet, your basin and vanity and your walls and you think to yourself that you can do your own bathroom renovation.

There is great danger in convincing yourself to do your own bathroom renovation with the inner question - How Hard Can It Be? - ringing in your ears.

Before you tackle your own bathroom renovation there are a few things to consider especially if you have absolutely no experience in doing any kind of bathroom renovation project at all.

There are good reasons why bathroom renovation experts are always busy:

A Good design can save you money and ensure a designer finish to you renovation.

Bathroom Renovations Require: Building Skills – Any addition or renovation where building work are done a potential risk for cracks and structural problems may occur due to poor workmanship.

Bathroom Renovations Require: Plumbing Skills - A plumber not properly installing the pipe work may result in leaks and tiles to be removed later to fix wrong pipe work.

Bathroom Renovations Require: Electrical Skills - All new electrical work undertaken may result in installations not properly working or a potential short or fire hazard.

Bathroom Renovations Require: Finishing Skills (Plastering, Tiling, Carpentry, Rhino Lite, Painting and Iron Mongery) and as we all know the end result depends on the finishes.

Poor Waterproofing during the project may also result in potential damp problems.

On acceptance of our initial quotation, a detailed design chart is done, detailing the floor plan and finishes, the full design of the bathroom space is detailed and we take inspiration from your ideas and suggestions.

Your perfect bathroom design should also pass the test of time and look as graceful and charming as when you first renovated it. This can be achieved by making use of an established design team with practical experience and a love for the business.

Call us Today on 0861 112 312 or email and let us design and make the bathroom of your dreams become a reality!

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